La Carotte de Classe in the news

One major aspect of "Operation Nathalie" and "la Carotte de Classe" was the mediatization of Nathalie's visits in the classroom, of the book's publication and its promotion by the students.

During the first visit by Nathalie, students discovered the oceanographic world and polar sciences. They made some basic experiments, such as learning about the density, putting an egg in fresh water with salt. They also plunged a large block of ice in an aquarium to see the importance of the remaining submerged part, to infer that what we saw of the iceberg was nothing compared to what was below the water surface. The scientist then promised to write to them from the Arctic to tell them about her life on the icebreaker (Article Sud-Ouest 02/12/03). She even managed to send by air mail from the Amundsen, some benthos and zooplankton samples they observed under the microscope! 

Through their exchange of emails, the students were able to share the life aboard the Amundsen, (see also the article in the Canadian newspaper The Star, 25/05/04), and they soon had the impression of being on board with Nathalie. They then decided to write and publish a book they funded through contributions by underwriters. 

These little gremlins have become very popular since they were the subject of interviews and documentaries. The French television, FR3 came into the classroom, and the newspapers Sud Ouest, La République and the Guide de Lons spoke of them once the book released. 

After all these emotions experienced each one their side, came the time for the long-awaited reunion, on their last day of class (La République, 17/07/04).


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